Beat back Anxiety!

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Crush your next presentation!

Everyone has some fear, and public speaking is a fear that is shared among many,
but even in the face of your public speaking fear there are six things that you can do
that will help you beat back anxiety and crush your next presentation! So, what are
some of the things that you can do to conquer anxiety when presenting or giving a
powerful speech?

  1. Start by focusing on the positive and turn your nerves into positive energy. Tell
    yourself that you are excited not nervous and that will shift your energy from
    negativity to a positive place.
  2. Perfect your intro. If you don’t remember anything else when preparing,
    remember your intro, because it will establish you, allow you to get comfortable
    onstage and something happens after you get through the first few minutes,
    everything somehow just flows naturally.
  3. Use deliberate breathing. When your adrenaline kicks in, and your heart starts to
    beat a mile a minute, you can easily become short of breath. If you just relax, take a
    few deep breaths, and fill your lungs, this will help you to calm down.
  4. Take your time and don’t rush! Rushing makes you more anxious and then the
    audience is not able to absorb the information you are presenting. Remember your
    audience is there to hear you, so take your time!
  5. Keep on moving! If you make a mistake, no one is going to know so just keep on
    moving through your presentation. You don’t have to say everything you wrote
    down, just focus on the key information, and deliver it with all the passion you can
  6. Use Body Language. Body language not only shows your confidence and reduces
    anxiety, but it helps reduce stress when speaking. Body language is also the
    nonverbal communication of your speech and can have a big effect on how your
    audience receives your message.

Remember, you may have some anxiety when you are speaking, or even when asked
to speak and you may even think you’re a poor public speaker, but you can always
improve, all you need is a little practice, consistency, support, and you will get better
with time.

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