Apply To Join As Speaker

Interested in becoming a part of Toastmasters District 57 Speakers Bureau? District 57 Speakers Bureau is dedicated to promoting Toastmasters who want more speaking opportunities within District 57, other Toastmasters districts, as well as outside community organizations.

Application Process

You are applying as a speaker to the bureau, understanding that you want to submit your very best video and information, because it will be published on our website for potential clubs and organizations to view. Make sure your audio/video is clear, the video is within the 5–7-minute time frame, and has all the proper edits done.

  1. Click the Apply link and fill out the Application Form
  2. Once you receive the confirmation email for the above application form, reply to that email by attaching your speaker’s one sheet, which includes a five-to-seven-minute video link.
  3. Submit your Headshot and note that your application will be on hold until we receive all listed items.
  4. The Speakers Bureau Committee will review the application, evaluate your video and you should receive the results by letter within 14 days.
  5. If you are not accepted into the Bureau, you will receive follow-up information and will not be allowed to reapply for 3 months.
  6. f you are accepted into the Bureau your Headshot, contact information and video will immediately be posted on the Speakers Bureau website available for anyone who is looking for a speaker.
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