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Please find some of the frequently asked questions here.  Please contact us if we are able to assist further.

I would like to be a member of the D57 Speakers Bureau. Do I have to be a District 57 member?

Yes. All D57 Speaker Bureau members are members of clubs in District 57.

Where can I apply to be a D57 Speakers Bureau member?

Please fill out the membership application form that can be found at Speakers section. Please also submit a Speakers One Sheet.  Details can be found on the application form.

Are the speakers pre-screened as part of the membership process?

Yes.  The D57 Speakers Bureau Committee pre-screens all applicants.  Applicants can be placed in either the experienced or emerging speaker categories.

What is a Speaker's One Sheet?

A speaker’s one sheet is a biographical page that includes a head shot of the speaker, the topics on which they speak, a link to their speaking videos, and an about me section. See Gary McKinsey’s one sheet for reference.

Is this a Toastmasters club?

Toastmasters District 57 Speakers Bureau is not a Toastmasters club.

How long should my sample video be?

Your sample video should be 5-7 minutes in length. Links longer than 7 minutes and 30 seconds will not be viewed and the application will be considered incomplete.

How old can my sample video be?

Please ensure that your submitted sample video has been produced within the most recent two-year period.

If accepted, how is my profile created?

Your profile will be created with the information you provided in the Application Form. Please take care to input your information carefully.

What if I want more than one speech link on my profile?

Put your 5-7 minute speech for application to the bureau as the first link on the Application Form under the “Link to your 5-7 minute speech video”. If you want additional links to speeches on your profile (pending acceptance) then you may include links to as many as 2 additional speeches, of any length, after the first link. These additional speeches will not be considered for admission to the Speakers Bureau.

Can we use a slide deck or workshop type speeches?

We cherish the spontaneity and authentic interactions that our Toastmasters provide. To maintain this essence, our policy gently discourages the use of slide decks or workshop-style speeches. This practice allows us to focus more on personal communication skills and less on technological aids, which can sometimes detract from the genuine connection we strive for. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation with this guideline!

What if my application is denied?

If your application is denied, the Speakers Bureau will provide you with feedback to improve your sample speech and you will be eligible to reapply in 3 months.

What will I need to have before I apply to be a speaker?
  • Professional Headshot,
  • Speakers One Sheet and
  • A clear 5 to 7 minute speech video link with all your audio and video edits done.
How can I book a speaker from D57 Speakers Bureau?

Please browse through our speaker list which can be accessed using Browse Speakers link.  Once you have decided on the speaker, please fill out the Request-a-Speaker form and send it back to [email protected].

What is the average charge for a Speaker?

Toastmasters International is a non-profit organization and there is no charge for a speaker.  The speakers do pro bono work as a way of giving back to the community they live and/or work in.  Community Organizations can pay a small honorarium to our experienced speakers as a way of thanking them.

How much in advance of our event should we request a speaker?

To ensure that you have a speaker for your event, please request at least three weeks before your event. Our speakers are available for both Toastmaster and community events. 

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